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KNF Farm Training offers 7 day PureKNF Level 1, 2 & 3 Certification Programs designed to give you the lessons you need to be proficient in the practice, manufacture and in mentorship of Korean Natural Farming.

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KNF Solutions Manufacturing
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Solutions Training courses cover the essential foundation of KNF including

KNF Microbes (Indigenous Micro Organisms)
KNF Police (Lactic Acid Bacteria)
KNF Cleanser (Live Vinegar)
KNF Food (Fermented Plant Juice)
KNF Medicine (Herbal Nutrients)
KNF Fuel (Fish Amino Acid)
KNF Structure (Calcium Phosphate)
KNF Reproduction (Water Soluble Calcium)
KNF Minerals (Seawater)

KNF Farm is Accredited as a Certifier of

KNF Farm Team

Our Primary Instructor is Eric Drake Weinert. Drake is the most certified instructor in KNF in the United States and is well spoken.

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"Thank you so much! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed being there for the series. Hope you're well."
Stacey Shepard
Wimberley, Texas

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P.O. Box 59
Papaikou, HI

We Have AirBnB: Hawaii Farm Retreat's
Onsite Farm Accommodations

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Get a full immersive experience by staying right on the farm! Work with us and apply the knowledge you are learning in real time, ask practical questions, and feel how it’s done with your own hands. We offer comfortable accommodations in our cottages at an affordable price. Nowhere in Hawai’i can you stay and get this kind of deal!

KNF Farm also has a resident chef to create our locally sourced, mostly naturally farmed, delicious food…so you can relax, soak in and really enjoy the whole experience. And if you are really feeling like unwinding, our farm has an onsite Licensed Massage Therapist available!