About the Trainings

What do you get by training at KNF Farm?

The 7 day intensive certification course awards 3 Levels of PureKNF Certification upon satisfactory completion

PureKNF Level 1: Practitioner Certification

Level 1 is a complete introduction and the applications of Korean Natural Farming as outlined by Master Cho Han-Kyu of Korea. With this basic information you will be able to use KNF Solutions on your farm, livestock, orchard and for human health. All the basics of when and why to use which solution will be answered, and you should be confident on how the solutions interrelate and solve problems for you.

PureKNF Level 2: Solutions Certification

A complete hands-on course making all the 9 Core Solutions as well as details on why and how they are crafted and used. This in depth core part of the training will give your body the opportunity to master the art and science of manufacturing the solutions correctly and how to evaluate their correctness.

PureKNF Level 3: Instructor Certification

The Level 3 course instructs you on the fundamentals of teaching Korean Natural Farming including access to primary learning materials and resources, the history and lineage of KNF, an invitation to join the network of other certified instructors, approaches and strategies of how to convey KNF to your students, deeper fundamentals and philosophy, real experience teaching your peers, activities in giving and receiving constructive criticism, tips on persuasive abilities to convey messages, an intro to marketing your courses, and more fundamentals of teaching effectively.

Hands-on Livestock Fundamentals

We have cows, pigs, and chickens here on the farm which we interact with on a daily basis. Learn and participate in the process of how we put the wellbeing of the animals first and how their environment is designed to ensure that they are in the best care, from feeding them a fully microbial based diet to the housing in which they live.

On-Farm Work Integration

Get into a project with us at the farm, so that you can learn the how, what, and why we are doing to run a successful farm implementing Korean Natural Farming. 

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